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      PACE Software  Development Ltd


Bespoke Software and Database Solutions Since 1993

Understanding You, Applying Technology

Too often projects are scoped and managed by analysts and project managers who don't understand software development processes or technologies. Too often software is delivered by developers who don't understand business process.

We do understand. Our experience over many years in many sectors has gained us a wealth of business operation and process knowledge, vital for the provision of successful solutions.

Your Trusted Expert Partner

Our clients trust us to deliver solutions that we have identified as being right for them. Our experience enables us to identify the key factors that will ensure successful project delivery, and just as importantly, identify potential problems that may affect the success of the project. We then offer solutions that are right for the client and their circumstances.

We don't enforce specific software models, methods or solutions on clients simply because we believe it is the right way to develop software. We adapt an approach that takes into account the clients business needs and plans, their operational processes, their financial position, current and planned infrastructure, staff IT knowledge and experience, staff workloads, and other on-going projects, IT interfaces and systems.

At PACE we work with many different sized clients across many sectors. What connects them all is how we have improved the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes, and increased their profitability.

Our skills and expertise ensure our clients benefit in many ways.

  • Because we place such emphasis on understanding your business, you are always assured we are aligned with your business needs - we do your thinking for you

  • Our robust development processes and standards along with our team and company based software and operational accreditations ensures our products are of the highest quality

  • Our innovative approach through vast knowledge of cutting edge tools and technologies ensures we can provide economical solutions to your advantage

  • We are able to envisage and manage each project evolution from inception to implementation, ensuring informed key decisions are made in the best interests of the business

  • We strive to forge strong relationships with our clients. Many of our clients simply see us as an extension of their own company

Bespoke Software

Microsoft Certified and Accredited Bespoke Software Development using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

PACE are a Microsoft Certified Partner based on the Silver Application Development competency. This means clients can trust us to deliver high quality, robust software that has passed the scrutiny of Microsoft’s accreditation partners.

Our solutions are focused on enhancing our clients processes, and the overall business. This means we provide and prove quicker financial returns for the client.

We are flexible around how clients want to work and we strive to successfully integrate into each ones individual operations and methodologies. And we have great technical knowledge and experience that our clients tap into and rely on.

Understanding Your Data

Key to everything we do is gaining a complete understanding of your data. Its use, structure, lifecycle and process. We are experts in understanding the importance of your data, how it flows through your organisation and how it empowers and enables your business.

Bespoke Web Software Development

Web solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio (all versions to 2015). We develop web solutions that deliver effective robust functionality as efficiently as possible. We concentrate on giving your business the functionality to expand the bounds of operation in a secure and robust manner using innovative methods and techniques.

We provide hosted solutions (Cloud) and Software as a Service (Saas), and can provide or arrange suitable hosting arrangements.

Bespoke Windows Software Development

We have delivered stand alone and client server solutions since we began operation. We’ve covered many sectors and we strive to deliver quality standardised Windows solutions that are functionally rich, yet professional and robust.

System Upgrades and Replacements

We have many years experience in providing system upgrades. Not just replacing software, but understanding the whole process of replacing working solutions actually in use, with new solutions, and managing the migration and integration. A key component in this is the ability to work with and alongside many other legacy systems during transition. Our extensive experience and knowledge ensures you can rely on us to ensure minimal impact to your business.

In addition clients are always supported by the knowledge and experience of our professional services team.

Database Development

Custom Microsoft Database Solutions using Microsoft SQL Server and Access

Our vast experience gained over many years has largely centred on data management and data processing solutions.

We are experts at understanding your business information and building systems around it.

Based on either Microsoft SQL Server (all versions to 2019) or Microsoft Access, we can deliver any database solution from single user desktop versions to full client server architecture.

We specialise in delivering functionally powerful solutions quickly and economically, and in the most feasible way for your organisation.

Our Microsoft Silver Application Developer accreditation is based on SQL Server technologies.

Software Support and Maintenance

Software Support

At PACE we can provide the software support for your business critical systems.

System Support and Maintenance to Help Keep Your Costs Down

We help our clients keep their costs down by offering day to day assistance and helping remove many of the problems encountered in running IT systems. We provide continuity of service, so they don’t have to face disruption through staffing issues. This means that IT is one area of our client’s business that can become worry free.

Support services we provide include:

  • Telephone, remote access, and on-site technical support

  • Piecemeal development

  • Process advice and consultation

Flexible Support Levels to Suit Your Requirements

The nature and importance of all systems varies. And so should the support that covers them. At PACE we will build a support package that suits the criticality of your system and the level of support you need around your budget. Whatever you choose, you know you'll always have one of the core PACE team, familiar with your systems, available to assist when you need it.

Data Management

A company's data is its single most important asset. Successful management of data is vital for the smooth operation of any organisation. We are qualified and experienced in the majority of the current popular database tools. Whether your data is in old bespoke systems, or third party applications we can in take this data and either extract it or provide the tools to share and manage this data outside your existing systems. This can save a company large license fees on underutilised software.

Keeping Your Old Legacy Systems Operational

At PACE we will be happy to review and support any Legacy Systems, keep them operational for you, and determine if we can undertake the necessary enhancements and improvements to bring it into line with your current business.

Software Resource

Flexible Software Expertise

We understand the problems that many companies experience with providing IT resources:

  • Trained staff leaving (or becoming unavailable) that have significant and often irreplaceable business knowledge

  • The restrictive costs of employing any or additional IT experts full time

  • Individual contract resource is usually unavailable after the contract has completed

  • Many of our clients require IT resource, but not in house, full time.

We take a flexible approach to IT resourcing. We can provide our IT experts services to you from our offices, one a contractor basis, for as little or as long as you need, as often as you need. And you can call them back as and when you need without the fear of losing that invaluable business knowledge and continuity. All within a budget you control.

IT Consultancy

PACE - Highly Qualified and Experienced Professional IT Services Team

Our extensive business experience gained over many years means we will understand what you do, what you need to do, how it can be achieved in the right way (functionally and economically), and how it can be integrated fully into your business model.

We use our broad range of business knowledge gained from operating in many sectors to help analyse and advise organisations on the best way forward for their unique situation. We look to use the best but most feasible innovation wherever possible and appropriate.

There are several key principles that we adhere to when undertaking our professional services:

  1. We only ever recommend and deliver the minimum required to get the results you need. We keep things as simple as possible, and therefore as economical as possible.

  2. We take a cautious and realistic initial approach to every project. We identify all risks, and either (preferably) eliminate the risk, or identify mitigation before we advise on proceedings.

  3. We never lose sight of the fact that your core business is the most important element of the project. We recognise we're here to assist your day to day operation, and work to ensure there is as little as possible effect on your core business operations at each stage.

The services our professionals can provide include:

Business Process Analysis and Consultancy

When you need to address a problem, or you identify an opportunity requiring a solution, but lack the skill, expertise, experience or resource, PACE can undertake project scoping and initiation phases to set you on the right path towards delivery of the right solution.


Specification Development


We have many years experience undertaking feasibility studies and developing project specifications (user, functional and detailed design).


Project Management


PACE Prince2 accredited Project Managers can work to oversee the management of all aspects of your project lifecycle. This can incorporate all elements of the process alongside your own teams, or management of other third party professionals involved.




The most overlooked elements of any project are implementation and impact of implementation. At PACE we recognise that your core business is most important to you, and we identify the best ways to achieve implementation without significant impact on your business operations.




At PACE we have many years experience in delivering user training. Our preferred approach is to train trainers who can then retain and pass on the knowledge most economically to your business.

Products - Some of the licensed products we have developed. Please contact us for details.

EBM Membership Management System

Web based multi-site hosted membership system based around leisure parks. Complete with training schedules, email shot functionality, and financial management. Integrates with barcode and RFID card swipes.


Refund Sure


Web base system that allows stores and groups to join together to validate refunds in store, to ensure those undertaking refunds are legitimate. This uses electoral roles and postcode data verified by the leading data management companies to verify individuals, and to report on frequent refund activity. This application sorts the genuine refunders from those that cost retail millions each year in fraud.


Acci Sure


Web base system that allows stores and groups identify fraudsters who enter retail stores intent on faking accidents to claim compensation.


Cheque Sure


Web base system used in the identification and processing of payday loans. Provides all the verification and identification checks, integrates with credit check agencies, and produces full accounting and documentation, as well as cheque scanning and printing.


Ad Player


Web controlled system that allows a central user to control adverts and videos playing at remote locations connected via the web. Ideal for shopping centres and store chains.


License Manager


PC based add in to control application usage on specific PC's, such as EPOS systems. Managed via a web based interface.


Sony HD Video Converter


PC based suite to apply date and time stamps to Sony Handycam video, archive in native format and allow playing back as required. Designed and used by South Yorkshire Police.


Secure Video Feed Management


Web based control and management of IP based remote video feeds.


Remote Information Capture Solution


Platform independent web software for capture and management of image, video, sound and location data from mobile devices to integrate with corporate software. This requires no local device installation. Used by Traksis in their Facility Management suite.


Mustering System


Web and mobile based system to track people and assets on site using cutting edge Active RFID technology. Implemented at a number of high profile clients including Pepsico (Walkers Crisps), Moog Aircraft, and Trinity Shopping Centre.

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