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      PACE Software  Development Ltd


Bespoke Software and Database Solutions Since 1993

About PACE Software Development

PACE are providers of Bespoke Software Development, Custom Database Design and Development, Software Support Services and IT Consultancy.

At PACE we have been delivering quality bespoke data driven software solutions and professional IT services from our Sheffield offices since 1993.
Initially we worked in Finance and Local Government primarily on strictly controlled projects following very stringent design principles. In subsequent years we have operated in many business sectors for hundreds of clients, and have gained significant experience and knowledge in every aspect of delivery of business software solutions.
This experience has ensured we recognise that the actual software is only part of the solution, and as such we strive to understand your entire business to ensure you get the right solution.
We specialise in the delivery of quality bespoke web, windows and database solutions, built on Microsoft technologies. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner (Silver Application Developer) and we have ISO:9001 quality accreditation.
For many of our clients we provide an on-going engagement to deliver piecemeal developments, system management and support of both their legacy systems and new systems, and we do this with a flexible, rolling contract arrangement. Many of our clients simply see us as either as their IT department or an extention to their own IT department.
Whatever our clients require from us, we have the knowledge and experience to understand their business needs and to develop the high quality software solutions that transform their business operations, and the flexibility to deliver this in a way that suits them.
Our expertise centres on Microsoft technologies, specifically Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
We provide the following services:
  • Bespoke Web based business software solutions

  • Bespoke Windows business software solutions

  • Bespoke Microsoft database solutions

  • Support and maintenance of bespoke software and legacy systems

  • Flexible time and materials based software resource

  • IT Consultancy, systems analysis and scoping, and project management services

  • Data management, processing and reporting services

The core principles of our approach and philosophy that underlies everything we do are:
  • We always earn our clients trust and respect - our clients trust us to provide the expertise that will make a difference

  • We consider total solutions (not just software) to fit each client's unique requirement

  • We always embrace innovation and new technologies to our clients advantage

  • We take a flexible approach and adapt our operational procedures to suit each clients unique methodologies, and to ensure our client's stay in control of their project

  • We only develop to proven software standards and methodologies which ensures our end product is consistently of the highest quality

  • We provide a personal approach - we ensure our clients develop long term relationships with the core of our team

How do we always get it right?

Our key emphasis is using our wealth of experience to analyse our clients' core business to ensure we fully understand their business and process operations.

We then deliver solutions that are built around the client to improve business efficiency and accuracy, which enables our clients to gain significant enhancements and improvements to their business function and operation without needing to fundamentally change their existing business processes.

The common theme across all our hundreds of customers across every market sector is that they look to us to help them improve data management efficiency, accuracy and integrity, reduce their workloads, and to increase their profitability.

Contact us to find out how we can:
  • Analyse and understand how your business works at an operational level to define feasible technical solutions to enhance it

  • Provide bespoke software development, tailored around your specific business requirements

  • Increase efficiency and productivity by automating and streamlining time consuming and repetitive tasks

  • Provide accessible solutions to expand the bounds of your operations

  • Help you maximise the potential of your business data

  • Support and maintain your existing software and legacy systems

  • Deliver software services to your business in a flexible manner to suit your budgets

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